What can I do with a BBA Degree

Not everyone embraces engineering after 10+2; students with non-science background are restricted to join B.Tech and some science students decline to join the cliché league of engineers. In such a scenario, Bachelor of Business Administration aka BBA emerges as the second popular programme after B.Tech. In fact, due to no mandatory need of PCM, BBA is popular among the students from all the streams.

This programme is considered your first step to the management journey where you learn the fundamentals of leadership. Most of the BBA programmes do not offer any particular specialization but inclined on the learning of overall banking & finance and entrepreneurship perspectives. Now the question arises how a BBA degree fits your career goals.
Let’s elaborate further in this post.

BBA as a knowledge hub

Undoubtedly, BBA is no less challenging than any other popular course if you want to gain managerial skills in these 3 years. The curriculum of BBA involves mainly involves all the conceptual concepts of management such as organizational behavior, fundamentals of management, human resource management, banking & finance management, etc.

BBA as preparation of MBA

MBA is almost everyone’s long-term goal if one wants to pursue post-graduation. After BBA, you gain the major insights into all the subjects and in MBA; you advance your knowledge about all those subjects. Having prior knowledge of management helps you keep up with the pace of MBA study and assignment. No other course offers a better preparation of MBA than BBA.

BBA- entry to the professional world

Before your MBA you want to gain some professional experience of 3-4 years- BBA comes in handy in this situation also. After completing BBA, you become eligible to serve diverse industries. It opens multiple career avenues in different sectors such as Business Consulting, Banking & Finance, FMCG, Real Estate, and Marketing to name a few.

BBA for entrepreneurship

Not all successful entrepreneurs are MBA grads. You can start your entrepreneurial journey after BBA too. The 3-years you spend to learn business administration also include the subjects aimed at entrepreneurial skill development. If you religiously pursue a BBA degree then entrepreneurship can be your cup of tea right after the completion of this course.

BBA for leadership

Last but not least, an MBA is not the only testimony of your leadership traits. You can develop a leader in you after BBA as well. BBA is not just a course; it’s an immersive learning experience where you evolve as a leader.

Final Words

The top private university in Jaipur once organized a conclave on leadership after a BBA degree. The overwhelming response of the students was bolstered by the eminent guest speakers from industry. They covered every important topic regarding how significant is a BBA degree in different aspects. The parents who were attending the event looked quite convinced to convince their wards fro BBA after 10+2. It’s purely a professional degree and helps you kick-start your journey in the management world.


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