Determining Factors for Surging Scope of B.Tech in CSE

The students, who choose to pursue B.Tech, mostly prefer Computer Science Engineering (CSE) as their specialization over other streams of engineering. Why such a demand for this discipline? Have you ever thought? Why the engineers from this stream find more success once they start their professional endeavors? There must be reasons behind the surging scope of B.Tech in CSE and why it’s on the first preference of most of the students. In this post, we are going to discourse about the factors for surging scope of CSE. The technologies that have empowered computer science engineering are the biggest reasons for CSE gaining popularity among the students. These emerging technologies are:

Data Science

As the name suggests, it’s the science of data wherein the scientists are entrusted to segregate the useful data from humungous volume of information. In the study of data science, students are taught how to play with data to derive useful details for an organization. Data scientists are in huge demand and there is ample scope for growth in this field. It’s a part of CSE.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is the technology developed to make machines pro-active with intelligence and it’s the trendiest technology around all the buzz-world of experts has been revolving these days. Humanoid robots, unmanned vehicles, Alexa devices, thousands of real-life products are AI-enabled. Only the study of CSE gives you the opportunity for deep AI learning.

Machine Learning

Reckoned as the sub-set of artificial intelligence, machine learning is the study of predictive analysis. There are many mechanism that employ machine learning systems to calculate the predictions. Weather forecasts, cricket match analysis, and any other place where analysis is needed, machine learning is utilized. Hence, the scope in ML has grown in leaps and bounds.

Internet of Things (IoT)

There are so many real-life examples that are based on IoT. Most of the consumer electronic goods like ACs, fans, refrigerators, etc. are IoT-enabled and you can communicate with them even if you are not around. This technology has brought revolutionary change in our lifestyles. And, students who choose B.Tech in CSE have a fad about IoT learning.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing has become very popular among organizations as it enables creating a NoOps IT environment which is automated. It helps in reducing the operational cost till an extent and allows businesses to invest in new capabilities. The demand of serverless computing is on its peak and CSEW students get the opportunity to study this subject.


Now you must be thinking how talking about technologies justifies the title of this post. Because of these emerging technologies, the craze for CSE has been increasing among the students. Moreover, the advent of such technologies has also increased the job opportunities in the IT sector. So many budding computer science engineers from different are placed in top companies every year. Also, the colleges like Mahindra Educational Institutions are in the practice of imparting the quality education and training in the field of computer science engineering to prepare the new-gen engineers.


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