Mixing of Oil and Water in the Engine

Well, even if you haven’t been familiar with the details, it is considered as a common sense that your oil of the engine should never really mix with the water or any coolant and if it does so, something is definitely going wrong with your vehicle that needs your attention. But why is it considered so, and what does happen when oil mixes with the coolant? What does it mean? Should you take the car for car repair in Sandgate? To answer these questions, let’s first understand the basics of engine functioning, which will also help you to identify which type of problem might be persisting in your vehicle’s engine.

What do the oil and coolant achieve?

Oil and water shouldn’t come together in your vehicle because oil is a lubricant that is being used to lubricate the different movable parts of your vehicle’s engine. As the engine drives the vehicle, it generates immense heat from the energy being produced. To cool this down, coolants are used which keep the temperatures of the engine steady and under control.

The basic conclusion that can be drawn from the mixing of oil and water in your vehicle’s engine is that the seal of the engine has broken off and thus the head gasket has malfunctioned or broken down. Such a case calls for assistance from motor vehicle servicing center. Usually, the radiator top up tank or the reservoir tank show the mixing of the oil and coolant. We find the coolant to have transformed into a milky substance or a brown mass.

This means the cylinder head gasket and the internal engine require your attention because due to the failure, an unknown internal leakage has been induced which has caused the mixing of the two liquids. Is it dangerous? Yes, indeed because it can cause damage to your engine and thus destroy your vehicle completely.

However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this phenomenon does not usually take place in the latest car or vehicular models all of a sudden. Overworking of the engine, improper servicing, accidental heavy impact and vehicle-age related weariness are the common causes of mixing of the engine oil and the coolant.

If it has already happened, you should immediately take your car to the nearest motor vehicle servicing centre to get this fixed at the earliest.


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