Learn to Design the World You Envision with Bachelor of Design Degree

It is rightly said that “Design is an intelligence made visible.”

The art and craft you see today is an outcome of a design woven in someone’s mind. Even a book cover has a certain impression and gadgets have different kinds of prototypes. So if we look closely, everything in the world is a design. The ones who formulate different kinds of patterns, prototype are known as called designers. Today, as there is a constant focus on the users’ application, there is a push to create usable designs.

It is also imperative to understand that one needs to hone certain skills to curate designs which are mainly accepted. In professional species, different kinds of designs are required to meet different kinds of requirements.

So to gain mastery in this subject, students are supposed to undergo proper training in this field. There are undergraduate courses like Bachelor of Design which offers proper training from basics to advanced level. Here are some detailed insights into this subject.

What does one learn in the B.Des course?

Students learn various aspects of designing in the B.Des program. It is a four-year program. The essential subjects are given below:-

  1. Graphic Designing,
  2. VFX,
  3. Visual Communication,
  4. Game Designing,
  5. Multimedia,
  6. Product Designing,
  7. CAD,
  8. Photography,
  9. Videography, etcetera.

What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the B.Des program?

To participate in this program, students are supposed to fulfil the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the officials in university. It is described as follows:-

  1. Since it is an undergraduate course, therefore one must have passed class 12th examination.
  2. Students must have studied these essential subjects: Science, Arts, Humanities and Commerce.
  3. One must strive to secure a minimum of 50% marks. For different colleges, it varies accordingly.
  4. The minimum age limit to apply for the B.Des course is around 18 to 19 years.
  5. List of entrance examination for B.Des course: Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design, National Institute of Design, Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design, etcetera.

Importance of Designing

Today, every industry longs for attractive designs. After all, it defines your first impression in the communication process. From interaction designs to the graphical designs, every minor aspect is closely worked on to develop a user-friendly experience. Go in every industry, IT, fashion, education, etcetera, as the virtual world is blossoming., so is the need for proper design to cater to human interaction.

Here are some career opportunities in designing:-

  1. Graphic Designers,
  2. Product Designers,
  3. Textile Designer,
  4. UI/UX Designer,
  5. Art Director,
  6. Industrial Designers etcetera.

Out of these, there is another critical field which is emerging in today’s world. It is called interior designing. It deals with designing for home decor or any retail decor. Anyone who wishes to pursue this specialisation must go for a course of B.Des in Interior Design.

It opens numerous opportunities for graduates. Either they can go for jobs, or they can work open their studio as well.

Conclusion: Whatever we witness today, was someday a design in someone’s mind. So what the future would look like is essentially what we design now.


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